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All Retro Remakes featured on this page are the work of Trevor 'Smila' Storey.


All copyright of the original games is retained by the copyright holder and unless stated, none of these remakes are either official or officially endorsed.


These games are freeware and must not be sold or offered behind a paywall for any reason. They will not be provided on a disk, they are not available on Ebay.


All the Retro Remakes on this page are hosted by Rob Fearon.


You can find Rob's Blog here.


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Trollie Wally


Lost in the supermarket. Again. Download.


Mini Willy


Because there’s not always room for a big one. Jet Set Willy meets Little Computer People. Download.


Monty’s Pesky Kids


A mole has to breed too, y’know? Bagman meets Monty Mole. Download.


Lunar Rescue


Rescue people. On the moon. Download.


Jet Set Willy 4


Because 3 Willy’s are never enough. Etc… Download.


Jet Set Willy 3


Because 2 Willy’s are never enough. Download.




Run, gun, you one eyed thing, you. Controversial Thalamus game remade. Download.




Obscure C16 puzzle maze game gets remake treatment. World rejoices. Download.


Into The Eagles Nest


Tally ho. Etc… Gauntlet-esque WWII shooter. Download.




Or Omega. Depending. See also Armalyte. Download.




The knight. In the maze. Arcade. Download


Bruce Lee 2


Further adventures in Datasoft. Download.


Aztec Challenge


Cosmi’s Atari/C64 classic re-imagined. Download.


A Day In The Life


Jet Set Willy meets Little Computer People. A game by Trevor Storey. Download.


Jet Set Willy: Online


A mass multiplayer variation of Jet Set Willy. Grab the client here.



Mersey Hosted by Rob Fearon of Retro Remakes. Because Remakes, obv.